September 8, 2023 – Tampa, Florida – The Pilates Krewe is excited to welcome Kendell M. Jno-Finn of M3Endeavors to its Pilates studios in Tampa for a special private instructor education program focused on connecting the pelvic floor to Pilates principles.

Existing staff will receive highly specialized training by a Balance Body Master Trainer and Doctor of Physical Therapy on Pilates exercises and techniques focused on strengthening the pelvic floor.

This program is only open to existing staff of The Pilates Krewe and is part of the studio’s continuing education program that invests in specialized training for staff, empowering them to incorporate new and advanced techniques into their daily classes taught at the studios. Studio owner Sydney Soschin explains, “Fitness techniques evolve over time. While our staff boasts impressive certifications and credentials, investing in continuing education to provide new perspectives, specialized training, and additional techniques, members gain through enriched classes and more capable staff. Everyone benefits.”