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Join us for a class at South Tampa’s top destination for group Pilates classes in a small, safe, and friendly environment.

We teach approximately 73 Pilates classes at our Tampa Pilates studio every week catering to all ages and skills.

With no more than eight members per class, you’ll receive personalized instruction and coaching.

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Live, Love & Pilates

My name is Sydney Soschin and I am the owner of The Pilates Krewe in Tampa, Florida.

After years of serving the Tampa Bay Area as a certified Balanced-Body Pilates instructor and affiliating with many different studios, I have gained insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to providing the best Pilates classes in Tampa.

My goal is to serve the community and each client with personalized instruction to enrich their lives and accelerate their well-being. Being a member of our Krewe means we take every effort to tailor a group workout experience for every single member. It is my expectation that as a member, you will give us feedback about what feels good, areas or exercises you would like to master, and feedback about how we can best achieve your goals.

Our instructors will make time to provide small tips, ways to build strength or flexibility, and methods to advance your personal Pilates skills and start taking more advanced classes (if this is something you desire.)

With this in mind, I created The Pilates Krewe to bring the best Pilates group classes in Tampa. If you’re searching for “pilates near me”, congrats, you found us!

Sydney Recording a class during the COVID lockdown
Sydney Soschin, Owner, The Pilates Krewe

Call it Pilates Karma

My promise is that you will have an entire studio, including all our instructors and members, supporting, cheering, and celebrating you. It doesn’t matter how you see yourself – we see you as beautiful and Pilates as a vehicle to help you achieve the strength, confidence, and the fitness level you desire.

We have capped our classes at just eight members at-a-time, with the entire studio membership consisting of just 130. That means no fighting for class space, no overcrowding of personal space, and more time for you and your instructor.

Each member is screened before joining to ensure they will contribute toward and enrich our Pilates community in Tampa.

In this time of uncertainty due to COVID, we have created a studio space from the ground up that focuses on cleanliness, safety, peace-of-mind, and adherence to all CDC, local, state, and federal recommendations for fitness studios. In fact, we aim to exceed all of these recommendations. Learn more about how we are putting your safety first and your mind at ease.

Krewe Staff

Studio & Membership


Memberships are month-to-month, with an initial 3-month term designed to get you up to speed and comfort with our studio, community, and classes. There is only one type of membership level. It is $199 a month and lets you enjoy up to 16 classes a month. By limiting members to 130 and class sizes to just eight, you will receive a safer and more personal Tampa Pilates experience.

Our studio opened in November 2020 and is now at full capacity (130 members). To add your name to our membership waiting list, please complete this request form. You can also create a free account using the button below and then we will reach out to you for next steps on how to join the waiting list.

Yes! Let’s Do This!

YOU + 7

All Tampa Pilates classes are capped at eight members so you have more time with your instructor, less time waiting, and a better experience overall. Learn about our variety of class types here. We do not offer privates because with our small class sizes, you receive more attention! Members that previously took privates elsewhere realize that is no longer necessary because of our small classes and top Pilates instructors.


Our community is capped at 130 members, so you will not have to fight to sign up for the classes and times you want. Our instructors will get to know you and build a fitness plan customized just for you, including modifications for injuries or expecting moms! We offer 70+ classes per week at our Tampa Pilates studio. No one offers more classes in Tampa than The Pilates Krewe!


The Pilates Krewe is a Balance Body equipped studio featuring brand-new top-of-the-line Allegro II Towers, jump boards and boxes, and split-pedal Exo chairs with slastics at each station.

Straps are vinyl-covered enabling sterilization between each class.
Equipment is inspected and maintained regularly.


The safety and well-being of our staff and members is our priority. With this in mind, we are meeting or exceeding all CDC guidelines for fitness studios when it comes to COVID-19 precautions and more.

All members agree to adhere by our safety protocols to protect the community.


We are a women-owned Pilates Studio in Tampa. We believe in equal pay, equal rights, and living wages. With this in mind, all certified instructors are compensated at the same rate and all instructors-in-training are paid a living wage. By treating our team right, we know they will treat you right!


Who has time for jerks? Each member of our Krewe agrees to live and instruct by our Code of Conduct, and our members all agree to our “No Jerks” policy. We want you to live well in a safe and inviting environment, free from jerks, bullies, and judgment.
Leave the drama. Live, Love & Pilates.


The Pilates Krewe is specially licensed to operate as a group fitness studio by Florida’s Department of Agriculture. This type of licensure ensures the studio meets certain regulatory requirements as set forth by the State of Florida. The studio also holds a license to operate by the City of Tampa and the County of Hillsborough.


The Pilates Krewe is locally owned and operated. We are not a national franchise. Our owner and her family live in Tampa, our children go to school here, and your membership investment goes right back into the local economy.

The Studio

Connect with TPK

Being part of The Pilates Krewe is more than just coming in to get your “fitness on”.

We are a community, we care about every member, and want our members to achieve their goals.

Your fitness and well-being is a partnership with us. We want to empower you to accomplish your goals, receive the most of your class experience, and build confidence.

Instead of offering expensive private instruction, if you need assistance with learning a skill, addressing an injury, or finding a modification, we will always be available to assist. Please pull your instructor aside and share what you need. Our instructors are committed to developing each member. We are proud to offer special services and modifications for expecting moms. So if you are pregnant and want to do Pilates, let us know.

As a community, we will lift each other up by acting in one another’s best interest at all times.

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We are located across the street from Datz/Dough
in South Tampa, one block from the Selmon Connector at the intersection of MacDill & Bay to Bay.
Click here for a parking map. Pilates Near Me (in Tampa)

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