Sydney Soschin
Sydney SoschinOwner, Instructor
Sydney Soschin is the founder and owner of The Pilates Krewe.

Sydney is comprehensively trained and certified by Balanced Body, is a member of the Pilates Method Alliance, has completed more than 500 hours of Pilates training, and has a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Arizona. She has also completed the TRX suspension training certification.


Certification: Balanced Body Comprehensive
Originally From: Saratoga, CA
Favorite Food: Chinese Food from San Francisco or Peking Inn Gourmet in Virginia
Fun Fact: I have child-sized feet.
Dream Trip: African Safari
Greatest Feat: Teaching 100 mat Pilates classes during COVID… I’m pretty proud of starting The Pilates Krewe and making two really great little humans.
Spirit Animal: Narwhal
Hobbies: Button collecting, fashion, travel, and over the top cooking
Dream Lunch With: Joan Rivers

Best Day Ever: Paris: insane cappuccino and croissant, then going to Les Puces (Paris Flea Market), followed by a lovely dinner… maybe Jules Verne at the Eiffel Tower.

Favorite part about being an instructor: Being able to help guide clients to the best version of themselves.

What three things would you want if marooned on an island: A great swimsuit, awesome food, and my phone (with awesome cell service & my Kindle app).

When not working in the Krewe, I’m… Baking, cooking, painting, planning travel, and being a momma

More about our founder:

Sydney started her career in the world of fashion and special events in San Francisco, and after about a decade of special events, decided to become a mom and stay at home to raise her son. From 2010-2016, Sydney suffered numerous shoulder dislocations which resulted in two painful shoulder surgeries. It was during the most recent course of physical therapy that she was introduced to Pilates. Like most moms, Sydney struggled with staying fit and being healthy. Through Pilates, Sydney was able to bounce back, become full of life, and was inspired to reboot her outlook. Pilates was the answer – helping build core strength, improving mobility to reduce injury, and paving the way for a clearer, more focused mind.

Sydney enjoys spending time with her wonderful son, adorable baby girl, and witty husband, biking around South Tampa, collecting antique buttons, and theme park sessions throughout Florida as a family. Sydney was born and raised in Northern California. Sydney is passionate about Pilates fitness and helping men and women from all walks of life, improve the quality of their lives, one day at a time.

Sydney Soschin
Sydney SoschinOwner, Instructor