Pilates Classes in Tampa

Joseph Pilates didn’t actually break up his work into “levels”. He ran his studio in a time (1st half the 20th century) where fitness instruction differed greatly from today’s accepted norms. In fact, there was no such thing as “group classes” or differing styles of Pilates… It wasn’t even called “Pilates” then, as that would have been a bit vain. Joe called it “contrology”. Of course, this also means that no one was “certified” to teach Pilates, or contrology, as there were no programs or schools.

But things are different now. Studios vary in their approach to the work, movement philosophies, and teaching styles. Especially when working in a group Pilates setting, it is important to keep people working on a consistent level–this ensures safety, sets clear expectations, keeps the class moving at the appropriate pace, and helps clients continually advance their Pilates skills and confidence.

At The Pilates Krewe in Tampa, Florida, I have created three class designations to help our members find enjoyment, confidence, and challenge when it comes to their fitness. The result is simple, as it should be! We have three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. We have a fourth class designation, but more on that below.

Our instructors do not all come from the same training program. We feature instructors from a diverse array of Pilates backgrounds and training programs. We value this diversity; it enriches our methods and broadens our perspectives.

Although we may teach different variations of exercises, all our instructors are committed to quality. We focus on the Pilates principles of breath, whole-body movement, working from a strong center, precision, and control.

With our small and highly personalized classes, our instructors offer modifications throughout the class so that you can either advance or dial back an exercise to accommodate your own personal needs. When you are ready to progress a level, simply pull your instructor aside and let them know. Your instructors will review your progress and work with you to determine whether advancing a level is right for you. Once you have achieved a higher level, you may then register for any class at that level or below, without additional permission.


This class is ideal for members who are new to the discipline of Pilates or have not taken Pilates classes within the last year. Additionally, if you are unfamiliar with the Allegro Reformer equipment, this is a great class for you. Fear not! You will be challenged, regardless of your skill level. The class flows at a slightly slower pace and focuses on learning and practicing the fundamentals of Pilates techniques and basic reformer exercises. Sometimes we offer a “beginner/intermediate” type of class. This just means that the class caters to a broader group of member skill levels. With the size of our classes being so small, we can accommodate a wider variety of skill levels and paces.


This is our standard class which features the basic Pilates exercises plus their progressions. The Pilates chair may be used during class which also flows at a more moderate pace. Members should be familiar with the Allegro equipment and cueing to participate in this level of class, but will also be able to modify the exercises as needed.


This class features intermediate and advanced-level exercise progressions on the tower, reformer, and chair. Instructor approval is required, to participate in advanced-level classes to ensure your safety and enjoyment. Class speed may vary from moderate to fast, at the instructor’s discretion.

Cardio Flow (All Levels)

This class blends the best of cardio and strength training. It is a combination of reformer and jump board movements, and depending on client attendance may feature the chair. Your heart rate will be elevated compared to our traditional Pilates class for greater cardio impact. Instructors will provide guidance throughout the class, offer spring choices and modifications so that each member can successfully enjoy each class for maximum impact.

Stretch-Movement-Mobility (All Levels)

This class will focus on static stretches while using Pilates movements to increase flexibility. By combining static and dynamic stretches to lengthen and strengthen the muscle fibers you will enable a greater range of motion.

The focus for each class will be determined by what the class members are feeling on that day… and yes, feet in straps will definitely be on the agenda.

Workshop / Exercise Intensive

Our workshop/exercise intensive class is meant to offer members an opportunity to have one-on-one type of experience where you can breakdown, further develop, and explore a handful of exercises. These exercises will change weekly so that you can further your Pilates practice and gain greater knowledge of the equipment.

Kickstart Cardio (Beginner/Intermediate)

Kickstart Cardio classes will typically begin with a series of jump sequences using the jump board apparatus for the first 10 to 15 minutes with the goal of increasing your heart rate. From there, we will transition into a more typical Pilates class at the beginner to intermediate level using the Allegro Reformer.

Chair (Intermediate/Advanced)

For clients with previous Pilates experience, enjoy this challenging 50-minute full-body workout on the Pilates Chair, sometimes known as the “Upright Reformer”. You’ll increase upper-body strength using the your own body weight or slastics (springs on the chair), and challenge lower body strength using the heaviest Pilates springs of all apparatus. Let the Chair teach you how to successfully engage your core throughout to improve your stability and support your posture, suitable for the intermediate/advanced client.

Classical Reformer Series (Intermediate)

Joe (Joseph Pilates) taught exercises in an exact order. We will follow this order and understand the reason behind his way of moving the body in sequence. Suitable for the intermediate client.

Tower (Intermediate)

A 50-minute total Tower class that combines classical Pilates mat work with the heavy spring resistance of the wall unit (the arm springs, leg springs, rollback bar, and push-through bar). Some classes may include the use of small props, like the Magic Circle or Pilates Ball, suitable for intermediate clients.

Core/Stretch Blend

The best of both worlds. This hybrid class will focus your first 30 minutes on equipments directly linked to feeling the core and your body strengthening followed by 20 minutes of stretch. In the stretch portion, you’ll focus more time on lengthening and relaxing for greater range of motion. Come for the initial burn and leave with an even calmer body and mind.

Lower Body Burn

This class uses the best of the Pilates equipment + accessories to work your lower half. Expect full abdominal work, paired with programming focus to target your Glutes, Hamstrings, and more.


It is required that members complete a minimum of 40 intermediate Pilates classes and receive instructor clearance prior to enrolling in an advanced-level Pilates class. Members participating in advanced-level classes should be aware of their own limitations and/or injuries so that they can modify exercises as-needed, with limited assistance from the instructor. Our instructors will happily meet with you prior to taking an advanced class so that you are aware of how to modify exercises to accommodate your needs. All members taking advanced-level classes will need to complete an additional questionnaire and waiver (we promise it is not too cumbersome!)