Getting Started with the New TPK App

  1. DELETE >> On your smartphone, delete your current app. Yes, do it!
  2. DOWNLOAD >> Download the all-new amazing TPK app:
  3. RESET >> Launch new app, click login, and then click “forgot password” and reset your password. Follow steps in email. It’s easy!
  4. GO >> Log in.
  5. PAYMENT >> Click the person icon (bottom right), then “payment methods,” and add your credit card. All members are now required to have a credit card on file. If you are an ACH payer, we’ll contact you separately to handle that. If you don’t add your card, you’ll still be billed in the old system.
  6. PILATES >> Book your first class (or four). Remember members may only have up to four bookings in advance.

Common Questions/Issues

I can’t download the app.
>> Ask your teenager for help, seriously.

I’m not sure which app I have.
>> Hopefully you deleted the old one first. If not, delete all TPK apps from your phone, then download the new one (see above for links.)

How do I add ACH?
>> You can’t do that yet. We’ll contact you to set that up in a few days.

I pay via ACH, do I need to add a credit card?
>> Yes, all members must have a valid credit card on file. This will cover fees, guest passes ($18.54), and merchandise.

I cannot reset my password.
>> Make sure you use the email address from your old account. If it says “email address/account not found” then you are not providing the correct email address. Try a different one. If you don’t get the reset email, check your spam/junk/promotions area of your email. Still can’t do it? Ask your teenager.

My account doesn’t look right.
>> Name wrong? Membership wrong? Studio wrong? Got problems? Email us screenshots and details and we’ll help you as soon as we can. Please be patient because there may be a bunch of problems ahead of yours. You are important and we’ll get you all set, we promise!

I cannot register for classes.
>> If you can log in but cannot register for classes, email us and we’ll see what’s up with that.

I want to bring a guest.
>> Awesome. Please email us the name, email address, and phone number of your guest. We will set them up with an account and bill you for a guest pass ($18.54). If you’d like your guest to pay, just let us know. We’ll make ’em pay!

I have other issues.
>> Okay, okay, sheesh. Just email us and we’ll help you.

I’m high maintenance and just need extra attention.
>> We know.